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Celebrating our 46th season!

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What is Middlebury Farmers' Market?

The Middlebury Farmers' Market (MFM) is a Wednesday and Saturday outdoor market that operates May through October with about 60 registered vendors located at the VFW, 530 Exchange St. Middlebury, VT. The Market runs all year long with an indoor season moving inside the VFW from November - April.


Do Middlebury Farmers' Market farmers use organic methods?

Some do. All are personally invested in the health of the water, soil, and air on the farms where they live and raise their families. Ask the farmers about their methods. Many customers seek out farmers markets for just that reason: to meet the farmer and ask how the raised each crop or animal.


Why can't I buy oranges at Middlebury Farmers' Market? Why can't I buy fruit here in the winter?

All Middlebury Farmers' Market producers are from the local area. Our farmers' homegrown crops showcase seasonal foods such as asparagus and rhubarb in spring, peaches, and corn in summer, pumpkins and apples in fall. Dairy, meats, eggs, wool and more are available year-round.


Why do different stands sometimes have the same product but of different quality or price?

Each farm at MFM sets its own growing methods, quality standards and prices.  Shop around to meet your needs. Whether you are shopping on a budget or looking for a treat, MFM has something for you.


Can I visit the farms?

Some farms, especially orchards, welcome visitors for pick-your-own. Ask at the stand or visit the Vendors section of this website.


How fresh is the food sold at Middlebury Farmers' Market?

Ask the farmer or vendor. Many crops were harvested less than 24 hours before, if not the morning of. Our baked goods are baked fresh that morning. Some foods keep longer, such as onions, apples, potatoes and cheese because MFM farmers grow these foods themselves and bring them from their local farms or kitchen. Their products travel a short time and distance from the farm or kitchen to you.


How is Middlebury Farmers' Market funded?

Farmers pay a fee to sell at MFM. Grants, donations from local businesses, and weekly vendor fees support our market and maintain its longevity.


Is the Farmers’ Market kid-friendly?

Yes, we welcome and encourage families with children of all ages. We often have activities set up specifically for youth engagement. If shopping isn’t interesting to them, we are next to a beautiful green space where they can safely run around and play.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes, leashed dogs are welcomed to attend the Farmers’ Market.


Are there amenities available on site?

Yes, the Farmers’ Market has plenty of parking and an available restroom. We also set up picnic tables for a sitdown lunch or chat.


Is your question not featured here?

Ask us directly, feel free to email us at middleburyfarmersmkt@yahoo.com or ask at our Info Booth setup at each Saturday outdoor Farmers' Market.